Bacillus Records

Le label indépendant allemand des 70's orienté rock heavy / progressif mené par Peter Hauke et Dieter Dierks (l'ingénieur du son maison de OHR Musik et futur producteur de Scorpions).

Epsilon Epsilon 1971
Epsilon Move on 1971
Fayden Peace Ballads 1971
Haze Hazecolor-dia 1971
Jeremy B. This is my Life 1971
Marz & Eperjessy Marz & Eperjessy 1971
Message The Dawn aknew is coming 1971
My Solid Ground My Solid Ground 1971
Nektar Journey to the Centre of the Eye 1971
Nine Days Wonder Nine Days Wonder 1971
Wyoming Wyoming 1971
Dschinn Dschinn 1972
Frame Frame of Mind 1972
Hairy Chapter Can't get through 1972
Jeronimo Time Ride 1972
Krokodil Getting up to the Morning 1972
Marz The Dream is over 1972
Midnight Circus Midnight Circus 1972
Nektar A Tab in the Ocean 1972
Pell Mell Marburg 1972
Various Artists Bacillus Selection [Compilation] 1972
Wyoming In Prison 1972
Krokodil Sweat and Swim 1973
Various Artists Mama Rock & The Sons of Rock´n´Roll [Compilation] 1973
Bender, Jeremy This is my Life 1973
Dzyan Time Machine 1973
Lily V.C.U. (We see you) 1973
Message From Books and Dreams 1973
Nektar ...Sounds Like This 1973
Nektar Remember the Future 1973
Nine Days Wonder We never lost Control 1973
Various Artists Bacillus Selection - German Rock Scene [Compilation] 1974
Dzyan Electric Silence 1974
Karthago Rock'n'Roll Testament 1974
Nektar Sunday Night at the London Roundhouse 1974
Nektar Down to Earth 1974
Nine Days Wonder Only the dancers 1974
Tiger B. Smith We´re the Tiger Bunch 1974
Rigoni/Schönherz Victor 1975
Nine Days Wonder Sonnet to Billy Frost 1975
Nektar Recycled 1975
Veit Marvos And His Red Point Orchestra 1975
Karthago Live at the Roxy 1976
Toto Blanke Toto Blanke & Electric Circus 1977
Karthago Live 1977
Nektar Magic is a Child 1977
Nektar Live in New York 1977 [enregistré en 1974] 1977
Nektar More Live Nektar in New York [enregistré en 1974] 1977
Kin Ping Meh 6 1977
Psi Horizonte 1977
Virgo Four Seasons 1977
Karthago Best of Karthago 1978
Blanke, Toto Tales of Tomorrow 1978
Virgo Lutello 1978
Blanke, Toto Friends 1979
Powerhouse Satisfaction Guaranteed 1979
Virgo Move on 1979

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