CONNY PLANK, une discographie

Un listing (sans doute non-exhaustif) des disques auxquels Conny Plank a participé.
Abréviations : Prod. = Producteur ; Ing. = Ingénieur du son ; Mix. = Mixage  ; Synth. = Synthétiseur. Les "Best of." ne figurent pas dans cette discographie.

Alexander von Schlippenbach The Living Music FMP 1969 Ing.
Organisation  Tone Float RCA 1970 Prod. Ing.
Virus Revelation BASF 1970 Prod. Ing.
Kluster Klopfzeichen Schwann 1970 Ing.
Ash Ra Tempel  Ash Ra Tempel Ohr 1971 Ing.
Kluster Zwei Osterei Schwann 1971 Ing.
Cluster  Cluster 71 Philips 1971 Prod.
Eloy  Eloy ?? 1971 Ing.
Guru Guru  Hinten Ohr 1971 Ing.
Kraftwerk  Kraftwerk 1 Philips 1971 Prod. Ing.
Eiliff Eiliff Philips 1971 Ing.
Parzival Legend Telefunken 1971 Prod. Ing.
Sweet Smoke  Just a Poke EMI 1972 Ing.
A.R. & Machines  Echo Polydor 1972 Voix
Cluster  Cluster II Brain Records 1972 Ing.
Guru Guru  Kan Guru Brain Records 1972 Guitare, claviers.
Jane  Together Brain Records 1972 Ing.
Kraftwerk  Kraftwerk 2 Philips 1972 Prod. Ing. Mix.    
Neu!  Neu! Brain Records 1972 Prod. Ing.
Os Mundi  43 Minuten Brain Records 1972 Ing. Guitare.
Scorpions  Lonesome Crow Brain Records 1972 Prod.
Thirsty Moon Thirsty Moon Brain Records 1972 Ing.
Dies Irae First Pilz 1972 Ing.
Tomorrow's Gift Goodbye Future Spiegelei 1972 Prod. Ing.
Guru Guru  Guru Guru Brain Records 1973 Guitare, claviers.
Kraftwerk  Ralf and Florian Vertigo 1973 Ing.
Neu!  Neu! 2 Brain Records 1973 Prod. Ing.
Creative Rock Gorilla Brain Records 1973 Prod.
Wired Wired/Free Improvisation Deutsche Grammophon 1974 Ing.
Kraftwerk  Autobahn Philips 1974 Prod.
Guru Guru  Mani Und Seine Freunde Atlantic 1975 Guitare, claviers.
Harmonia  De Luxe Brain Records 1975 Prod. Ing.
Hoelderlin Hoelderlin Spiegelei 1975 Ing.
Kraan  Andy Nogger Spiegelei 1975 Ing.
Kraan  Let It Out Spiegelei 1975 Ing.
Neu!  Neu! 75 Brain Records 1975 Prod.
Ramses La Layla Sky Records 1975 Prod. Ing.
Arktis Arktis Tapes Promo 500 copies 1975 Ing.
Breakfast It's Time For Breakfast Sky Records 1975 Ing.
Helmut Koellen You Won't See Me Harvest 1976 Ing.
La Dusseldorf La Dusseldorf Nova 1976 Ing.
Harlis Harlis Sky Records 1976 ?
Brian Eno Before and After Science Virgin 1977 ng.
Cluster & Eno  Cluster & Eno Sky Records 1977 Ing.
Eno, Moebius & Roedelius After The Heat Sky Records 1977 Prod. Ing.
Triumvirat  Pompeii ? 1977 Ing.
Brian Eno Ambient 1 : Music for Airports EG Records 1978 Ing.
Can  Out of Reach Harvest 1978 Mix.    
Devo  Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! ? 1978 Ing.
Hans Joachim Roedelius  Durch die Wüste Sky Records 1978 Guitar, Percussion, Prod. Ing.
Kraan  Flyday Spiegelei 1978 Prod. Ing. Mix. 
Liliental  Liliental Brain Records 1978 Synth., Guitar, Vocals 
Michael Hoenig  Departure from the Northern… Warner 1978 Mix.
Ultravox  Systems of Romance ? 1978 Prod.
Michael Hoenig Departure from the Northern Wasteland Warner 1978 Mix.
Roedelius Durch die Wuste Sky Records 1978 Prod. Ing. Guitar, Percussions
Roedelius  Selbstportrait 1 Sky Records 1979 Guitar, Percussions
Clannad Crann Ull Tara 1980 Ing.
Deutsche Amerikanische Freundshaft Kleinen und die Bösen Wintrup Musik/Mute Records 1980 Ing.
Kraan  Tournee Spiegelei 1980 ?
Moebius & Plank  Rastakraut Pasta Sky Records 1980 Synth., Claviers. , Prod.
Ultravox  Vienna Chrysalis 1980 Prod.
Ultravox  Three into One ? 1980 Prod.
Eurythmics  In the Garden RCA 1981 Prod.
Holger Czukay On the way to the peak of normal Spoon 1981 ?
Moebius & Plank Material Sky Records 1981 Synth., Claviers.  
Phew / Holger Czukay  Phew with Czukay Passport 1981 Compositeur, Prod. Ing. 
Ultravox  Rage in Eden ? 1981 Prod. Ing.
Gianna Nannini  Latin Lover Ricordi 1982 Synth., Prod.
Killing Joke  Revelations EG Records 1982 Prod.
Moebius & Beerbohm  Strange Music Skyclad 1982 Mix.    
Gabi Delgado Mistress Virgin 1982 ?
Moebius, Plank, Mayo Thompson Ludwig's Law Drag City 1983 Prod. Ing. Musicien
Gianna Nannini  Puzzle Metronome 1984 Synth., Prod.
Holger Czukay  Osten Ist Rot Virgin 1984 Synth., Emulator 
Les Rita Mitsouko  Rita Mitsouko EMI 1984 Prod. Ing. Overdubs 
Moebius/Plank/Neumeier  Zero Set Sky Records 1984 Synth., Claviers.  
The Tourists  Should Have Been Greatest Hits ? 1984 Prod.
Eno Moebius Roedelius Plank Begegnungen [Best of] Sky Records 1984
Eno Moebius Roedelius Plank Begegnungen II [Best of] Sky Records 1985
Klaus Dinger und Rheinita Bella Düsseldorf Neondian Teldec 1985 Prod.
Gianna Nannini  Tutto Live Metronome 1985 Synth., Prod.
Humpe Humpe  Humpe Humpe WEA 1985 Prod.
Play Dead Company of Justice Tanz Records 1985 Prod. Ing.
Gianna Nannini  Profumo Polydor 1986 Synth., Prod.
Holger Czukay  Rome Remains Rome ? 1987 Synth., Emulator 
Moebius / Plank En Route Curious 1995 ?
Peter Brotzmann More Nipples Atavistic 2003 Ing.

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